Our Programs

Junior eSteemers

*In Development*

The purpose of Junior eSteemers is to help children see the positive aspects of having differences from one another. Based on extensive evidence-based research supported by the US Department of Education, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the McGregor Foundation. Our Junior eSteemers classroom enrichment activities incorporate role play into classroom discussion in order to help children to better understand and to feel better understood. This is a proven method of classroom interaction which has many positive effects for students, including: developing empathy among one another, a better understanding of others and of self, and raising the level of academic achievement possibilities as a result of increased self-esteem in children who would otherwise feel misunderstood or left out. 

Child and Family Counseling

*In Development*

Our Child and Family Counseling program will have psychologists and Licensed Professional Counselors that are available to provide  therapeutic assistance the families who have signed up for our services, when needed.  We are working hard to build this caring team of Licensed Professionals who specialize  in child and family therapy.  

School Visits

Our School Visits address Acceptance Inclusion Morality awareness with student bodies. This is one of our community outreach initiatives meant to spur healthy conversation among students through a combination of oratory presentation and open dialogue during a scheduled student assembly program.   

Corporate Workshops

Our workshop sessions with business management teams are designed to  enhance the overall atmosphere of the workplace. By becoming aware of how Acceptance Inclusion Morality can impact all aspects of a business, management will be better capable of improving morale, strengthening employee relationships, and improving the retention rate of its workforce.   

Leia's Light

Leia's Light is to empower all siblings to step out of the shadows and shine their own light, encouraging a healthy balance of attention among children with and without special needs.   

"I Am Able" Showcase

Our "I am Able" Showcase is a special event to give children who struggle with self-esteem due to appearance or ability an opportunity to be recognized for hard work, dedication, accomplishment, and talent. This is guaranteed to be a night to remember, when all the attention is for the right reasons!