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Jacob's AIM believes children who live their value and know their worth will be better capable of reaching their full potential.
Jacob's AIM believes children who live their value and know their worth will be better capable of reaching their full potential.

We Help Kids Reach Their Full Potential

All children, regardless of appearance or ability, are born with a purpose. From the very start, we must do our part to encourage them to thrive, educate them to succeed on their own merit, and constantly show that we believe in them. Providing strong foundations will help ensure all children have the best opportunity at reaching their full potential.  

By offering caring assistance to families, hosting events that encourage and inspire, and creating meaningful community partnerships with schools and businesses, we strive to serve the greater Richmond area for years to come.

We have programs which are designed to help children who are at risk of developing lower self-esteem, whether it's due to a difference in appearance, physical or mental ability, mobility issues, being on the autism spectrum, chronic illness, etc. 

Our services are free.

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11 Jun 2019

Leia's Light; An Initiative for Siblings of Special Needs Children 

(From a sibling's perspective) 

What does it mean to be the sister or brother of someone who, like me, gets a lot of attention because of a uniqueness of some sort? Is it easy? Is it difficult? How does it affect how they see themselves? How will it affect the person they grow up to be? These are questions I ask as I wake up this morning to my little sister's 5th birthday. 

Just as I didn't have a choice in the unique body that God gave me, and the attention and circumstances (both good and bad) that it would bring to me throughout every day of my life... my sweet little sister didn't have a choice in who her siblings would be. I am so glad God made her my sister, and I know she loves me with all of her heart, just as I do her! 
From the moment I first held Leia in my arms as a tiny infant, to watching her grow past me in height less than a year later, each moment of my life with her in it has been a blessing! I have watched her grow and become such an awesome person! 
It's not always easy for her, though. She has grown up as a first hand witness to the daily attention and fanfare that comes our way due to a combination of either my unique size or my being recognized by people familiar with me. I am so glad that the two of us have become such an awesome duo, because Leia soaks all of this attention up like a sponge and has really developed quite the personality from it all! 
Sometimes though (on rare occasion thankfully), the sweetest people get so wrapped up in making over me, because of my size, that Leia ends up being completely ignored, as if she was not there. Whenever this happens she always says, "Why didn't they say I was cute too?". Or "Why didn't they ask me my name?".
What happens to Leia on these rare occasions is heartbreaking, is unintentionally done by well meaning people, and is potentially damaging to her self-esteem. However, it doesn't happen only to her. It (unintentionally) happens to the siblings of many children throughout the world with various degrees of circumstances or special needs that bring attention to them.
It's so easy for kids like my sister, eager to show off their own unique qualities, talents and personalities, to struggle getting from beneath the shadow of circumstance that comes from having such a unique sibling. 
On this day 5 years ago thousands of you from around the world welcomed my little sister, Leia Sky Walker, into this world. I am so thankful that each of you are interested in my life and that so many of you have shown such sincere interest in both myself and my little sister.  
Today, being her 5th birthday, she is more than ready to step out and shine her own light of happiness onto this world. She has her very own Facebook page called Leia Sky
I hope you will be as eager to follow her page for a glimpse into our little world (from her perspective) as you are to follow mine.  
Her brand new Facebook page, Leia Sky, is sure to be loaded with cuteness, charm, and personality that only my little sister can deliver! 
Help me spred Leia's light around the world by liking her page and sharing her posts from time to time. 
Thank you... Your pal, Jacob!


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Car Wash Fundraiser at O'Reilly Auto Parts, Chester, VA Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
Car Wash Fundraiser at O'Reilly Auto Parts, Chester, VA Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

Car Wash Fundraiser

O'Reilly Auto Parts has welcomed us to hold a car wash at their Chester, Virginia location (11221 Iron Bridge Rd) on Saturday August 17, 2019 from 10 AM until 7 PM. This fundraiser will help our general fund. Our programs offered to the community are always free. Thank you for your support! 

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